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Pretty Green x The Beatles 聯名系列/ Pretty Green x The Beatles Collection

英國男裝品牌 Pretty Green 即將推出與 披頭四 的聯名商品

首先露出的商品為單寧外套,在這件丹寧外套上有著披頭四傳奇專輯 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band 的概念以及披頭四時常提倡的愛與和平;

《Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band》是披頭四的第八張錄音室專輯,今年也是該專輯發行的第五十週年;這張專輯除了在當時的英美兩地獲得許多迴響以外,更為後代的藝術界以及音樂界造成影響。

目前雖然只有流出一件商品照,但是從這件丹寧外套便更讓人期待這一整個 Pretty Green X The Beatles 的聯名系列;不管是在外套正面的花朵、右手臂上大大的 LOVE字樣,還是背後充滿標誌性的圖騰,以及刺繡的BEATLES 字樣,都可以想像出這個系列一定就像當初在製作這張專輯席秉持的精神一樣 “大膽及前衛”

目前可以知道的事情是,整個系列擁有二十八件單品,從限定五十件的外套,到丹寧外套以及T-shirt,價錢落在 £45 到 £450不等。

Pretty Green 是由前綠洲合唱團主唱 Liam Gallagher 在2009年所創立,Pretty Green 的品牌風格以經典的英式剪裁為主打商品,不管在大衣、襯衫,還是褲子都是,而創辦人 Liam 曾經說過 :「Pretty Green 是設計出我喜歡跟我平常會穿的衣服,這個品牌是不是迎合消費者的品牌。」

Pretty Green x The Beatles is coming soon

We are only able to pre-look the denim jacket from this collection, however, this garment is perfectly enough satisfied our curious.

This special collaboration is Pretty Green with The Beatles which come together to form a very special collaboration in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the seminal Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

《Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band》is the 8th studio album from The Beatles, released on the 1st June 1967. The album, defined an era with its psychedelic sound and iconic art work created by Peter Blake & Jann Haworth. Furthermore, this album had the huge successful around the world. Pretty Green have collaborated to design and produce a capsule collection inspired by the album.

The collaboration has 28 pieces includes a limited edition run of only 50 Lonely Hearts Club Parka as well as other key styles such as the Strawberry Fields Coat and the Pepper Jacket. The range will also contain a variety of other garments from Kaftans and Grandad shirts to vintage style T-shirts, with prices ranging from £45 to £450.

The collection is scheduled to launch in August 2017 online and across all Pretty Green stores in the UK and Japan as well as a wide number of independent retailers.

About Pretty Green

Pretty Green is a music inspired British menswear brand. Since launch in 2009 the brand has established 30 retail locations incorporating own stores and concessions across the UK and Japan. Its collections are also distributed through 120 wholesale accounts and to a global customer base via its ecommerce site


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