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  • Dylan Tang

‘Precision/Fluidity’ the first catwalk show of John Smedley

‘Precision/Fluidity’ the first catwalk show of John Smedley

In the latest collection from John Smedley, the British fashion house presents fashion with a fluid elegance. Prior to London Fashion Week 2017, spectators were curious with high expectations of what was on hold behind the blue Ukiyo-e.

Fluidity is the theme of John Smedley’s Spring/Summer 2018 catwalk. The show was not just for menswear but catered womenswear too. A boundless aura of character permeated the room, greatly enhancing the vibes of the show. From the white to blue and blue to red, there could be no mistake that this was the work of John Smedley.

Introducing a brand-new collar design along with an exciting change in shirt patterns present in both menswear and womenswear, we can observe how John Smedley effortlessly showcases his new collection with a pristine yet characteristic elegance. Known exquisitely for their knitwear, it is no doubt that John Smedley's choice of fabric were the main centre of focus during the show. Extra-fine Merino wool and Japanese influenced wild silk prints are the signature elements from this collection.

John Smedley spring/summer 2018 Precision/Fluidity


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Written by Dylan Tang

Edited by Hayden Lee


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