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  • Dylan Tang

Patty Lee, Be Strong And Never Regret/李霈瑜;擁抱自己才能走到未來

Everyone is a shining diamond, but no one can really predict what will be waiting for us in the future. Regarding the future, everyone always has different yearnings in their hearts, and these yearnings are what we commonly call dreams. Patty Lee, who has been working to follow her dreams, is now the heroine of theatrical movies. For her, all the difficulties encountered in the process are not problematic, because all the decisions you make now will affect who you will become in the future.

"When an opportunity comes,

what attitude you use to face it will create

what kind of person you will become"

Starting from the "30 Meters Underwater" programme, Patty has encountered numerous problems. Whether she is facing seasickness or the risk of capsizing due to weather, she always remembers the captain's words "keep going through adversity." This sentence cannot help but make Patty aware of "time" in the face of any hard process. “Time won’t wait for you but if you keep going, all your unhappiness will be reduced every minute, and you will eventually end this painful situation.”

"Music is my outlet to release stress"

Because of work, Patty still has to continue to study foreign literature in her free time to enrich herself. She is often in such a high-pressure environment, no matter how strong she is, she will inevitably twist and lose sight of her dreams over time. "Most of my inspiration comes from nature and work, so although music is my catharsis, all of this is Patty myself." The identity of a model who was originally closely connected with fashion has now become a warrior for the earth's environment. Such a transformation is like a hedgehog falling in love with a rose, which seems pure but incredible. "In fact, since I am no longer a model, my material needs have become lower and lower. I can't say it's a casual choice, it should be said to be more in line with my own appearance. Because if you dress too complicated, it will actually cover up your own appearance."

"Recognising the true value of life"

Graduating from the Department of Textiles, Patty knows better than anyone the fashion manufacturing process, so she advocates sustainable development for many brands. However, she thinks it is a pity that they have not implemented it. "I think the most important thing is the value of life. It's like using recycled paper is more expensive than cutting down a tree, but what will you choose? The world has become different because of the pandemic. So, brands in this period should think carefully about which direction they should go in the future. Should we implement sustainability and embody the value of life, or should we just shout slogans for convenience?"

"Never look back, don't worry about everything done in the past"

Many people often say "view the past and know the coming future", because everything you have done will affect how you live in the future. Although time does not wait for others, looking at the past can indeed affect your future direction. Patty, who became the heroine of the movie, starred in the latest film "My Missing Valentine" which is a story about time. "All the decisions made in the past will accumulate and become who I am now, but I will not hold back everything I have done in the past, because everything has a reason, so despite the unpleasantness of the moment, I will still choose to accept it." When Patty said this, maybe it could be an encouragement for young people now. After all, no matter how desperate we are now, time still waits for no one. Instead of immersing ourselves in our own whirlpool of self-pity, we can simply embrace ourselves as the next diamond that is created by pressure.

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Photography Adams CHANG

Fashion Fred FENG


Hair Joey CHEN


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