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  • Dylan Tang

NEHERA 2020春夏時裝秀/ NEHERA SS20 Fashion Show

NEHERA 在巴黎時裝週發表了最新春夏2020的女裝系列

主張舒適性、觸感柔順,以及實穿性的斯洛伐克品牌,在這一次的全新系列中將視覺帶到了絕對春天的顏色;不管是大地色系、還是像鮮花般一樣的鮮豔黃與橘紅,都把這一季 NEHERA 的主題《流暢的重要性》發揮得淋漓盡致。


值得一提的是,NEHERA春夏2020的最新設計,服裝上頭的印花,也是出自同為斯洛伐克人的設計師Laco Teren之手,與這位被譽為後現代藝術潮中的領頭羊合作,NEHERA 的時裝又富有了更多不同的意義。

因為 重新定義解放舒適感,卻又不和優雅做妥協 一直都是 NEHERA 品牌致力表現的重要精神。


NEHERA unveiled Spring/Summer 2020 women's collection at Paris Fashion Week

The Slovak brand, which advocates comfort, tactile materials, and exemplary craftsmanship, brings the vision to the absolute spring colour in this new collection; whether it is earth tone or floral bright yellow and orange, The theme of this season, NEHERA is rely on ‘FLOWING SUBSTANCE’.

This season is dominated by sportswear and functional clothing. Although it is impossible to touch the clothes from the stage, we still can through the visualisation to feel their comfort without any touch-in-person. Perhaps it just the words we used to say “Successfully Design”.

Furthermore, the latest collection of NEHERA, the artwork was designed by Laco Teren, who also from Slovak, and recognised as the leading figure of the post-Modernist generation. NEHERA's fashion is richer, diverse and vivid, due to this collaboration.

What did we learn from NEHERA? Redefining comfort into liberation without compromising elegancy.


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