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  • Dylan Tang

大膽的靈魂 陳坤成為馬爹利藍淬燕代言人/ Martell and Chen Kun, The New Ambassador of Blue Swift

無論你正在經歷人生的哪一個階段,是否擁有隨時喊停的勇氣?當世界正在重新定義生活,你是否無所畏懼?源自1715年法國歷史最悠久的干邑世家,法國頂級干邑品牌馬爹利MARTELL始終是傳奇的創造者。三百年來不斷追求突破敢於大膽創新,恣意翱翔於傳統經典價值與領銜先鋒之巔,秉持這樣的精神,淬煉出全球首創VSOP二次熟成美國波本桶馬爹利藍淬燕,堪稱完美融合的藝術巔峰之作。為了體現品牌精神,馬爹利邀請陳坤擔任品牌代言人,並在最新釋出的馬爹利廣告大片中,用大膽的靈魂演繹出「敢 飛越不凡」的品牌精神!





馬爹利是第一個將酒桶運到美國的干邑品牌,為紀念此創舉誕生了一款飛越疆界的創新之作:藍淬燕(Blue Swift)。這是將馬爹利經典蒸餾過程的純淨酒液VSOP,注入美國肯塔基波本桶進行二次熟成,使酒液在不同桶內交融,激盪出獨特的風格韻味,使干邑與威士忌二者靈魂的完美融合。



No matter what your life is going through, do you have the courage to make a pause at any time? When your life is redefining, will you be fearless? Inherited for three centuries, French cognac brand Martell has been the creator of the legend. It originated from the oldest cognac family in France in 1715. It has been pursuing breakthroughs for three hundred years to innovate and soar in traditional classics boldly.

This year, in order to reflect the brand DNA, Martell invited Chen Kun as the new brand ambassador, and in the latest Martell campaign, he used a bold soul to infer the brand DNA of "Dare To Beyond The Ordinary".

Chen Kun the new ambassador of Martell

By Painted Skin, Chen Kun won the Best Actor Award at many ceremonies. But at the peak of his career, he chose to take a break, spend a year to settle his soul and focus on charity. He said 'You have to let go of a lot of distracting thoughts, listen to your inner voice, bravely believe in what you are doing, and continue to focus on enthusiasm and stick to the way you choose on the road that realizes your dreams.”

Wing Shya directed the new Martell campaign; through Chen Kun's firm and powerful voice and the director's unique insight, it's the special one any beyond ordinary.

The Art Of Fusion

Martell was the first Cognac brand to ship barrels to the United States, and Blue Swift is the pure liquor VSOP of the classic Martell. It used the American Kentucky Bourbon barrels for secondary maturation. The liquor blends in different barrels arouse the art of fusion of the soul of cognac and whiskey.

Blue Swift contains the aroma of caramelized pears and ripe bananas. It also has the elegant fragrance of vanilla pods. When you taste it, the light and sweet plum and the sweetness of ginger will intertwine with each other in your mouth.


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