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  • Dylan Tang

House of the very island's 秋冬2019形象照/ House of the very island's Autumn/Winter'19 Look b

House of the very island 的秋冬2019系列取名為 Kapital (Capital 的諧音)

Kapital的靈感來自奧地利藝術家Ashley Hans Scheirl。她的作品將身體部位,象形圖,禁忌物體和身份象徵結合起來,批判性地幽默地揭示了我們唯物主義社會的墮落,慾望和妄想。

House of成立於2006年,由四位設計師合作,植根於藝術家,音樂家網絡和維也納的電影製作人。 Karin Krapfenbauer和Markus Hausleitner的工作專注於時尚。走向前衛的休閒裝“House of very island's”結合了輕鬆的可穿戴性與概念模式製作和使用有機和公平貿易材料的顯性輪廓。


The new AW19 House of the very Island’s collection is called Kapital.

Kapital is inspired by Austrian artist Ashley Hans Scheirl. Her works combine body parts, pictograms, taboo objects and status symbols to critically yet humorously reveal the perversions, desires and delusions of our materialistic society.

House of was founded in 2006 as a cooperation of four designers rooted in a network of artists, musicians

and film-makers in Vienna. Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner’s work is specifically focused on

fashion. Heading for an avant-garde casual wear "House of the very island's" combines effortless wearable

with conceptual pattern making and explicit silhouettes using organic and fair-trade materials.


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