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  • Dylan Tang

Diesel 秋冬2019形象廣告/ Diesel AW19 Campaign

Diesel 的2019秋冬形象廣告,讓人不禁意的想著,我們是不是也曾經做過「買完、穿完、退貨」的事情呢?在這一支形象廣告裡頭,模特兒穿上了Diesel 一貫富有態度的服裝,表現出時下年輕人該有的態度!


雖然,這樣的行為對某些人來說令人詬病,但是年輕時,誰沒做錯事過?儘管我們不鼓勵這樣的行為,但是,若是有人還是對這樣的行為有任何意見,那麼就去跟 Diesel 說吧!因為這一個義大利時尚品牌,可是將這一個概念完整呈現在世人面前,並且用時尚的手法呈現給整個世界呢。

Diesel unveiled their Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign named "Wardrobing". From this campaign, models were looking fabulous with Diesel's winter clothes. However, it's difficult to disconnect the fraud behaviour which is 'Buy it, Wear it, then return it'.

In this photography, models are stunning, but the funny thing is, all clothes and accessories still on the label. It's hard to say why this Italian brand is doing this, but the certain is, Diesel has a big ball to do this. Some people do not appreciate this sort of behaviour, they think it's not decent and lack of dignity. However, when we were young, we had a dream, we loved this world, we believed we can do everything just don't have enough cash. Hence,

Keep the label, pray for not get dirt on it then we can return and get a refund, is on this world for decades. Although it's not really a proper thing to do when you throwback at your 30s. We still don't regret it but we do not encourage it either. Therefore, if some people try to blame it, blame Diesel then. Blame they created a controversial campaign, with lots of fashion and love.



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