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  • Dylan Tang

Davide Infantino 一致性的完美/ Davide Infantino, the consistent fabulousness


本週的 Man of the Week, Davide Infantino,這一位義大利模特兒將訴說他光鮮亮麗背後所付出的努力以及對於時尚的看法。

Behind the glamour, behind the scene, Model is a job has to be perfect or look perfect. But do you know how much efforts they made to kill the camera and look fabulous?

This week, Davide Infantino is the Man of the Week. This 100% Italian Model unveiled his story behind, told us his point of view to consistency and fashion.


(English ver. below)








在我看來,亞洲和西方時尚的主要區別在於(或者至少是)西方人更渴望“流行” 而亞洲人則是更專注在傳統上。但是,我確實認為這些年來事情發生了巨大的變化,社交媒體的影響力使得西方和亞洲時尚更加緊密。











如果我們談論時尚,那麼 David Gandy就是我模特兒產業裡的偶像。因為他憑藉其粗獷而強烈的外觀,重新定義了現有的瘦身模特兒美學,並改變了男性造型世界。他將男性模特兒的造型和外觀改為更經典、漂亮、並產生男士的新時尚。他有著令人敬畏的外表和很棒的風格,而且隨著年齡的增長,他看起來越來越好。

Why do you want to work as a model?

I really like being a model because no two days are the same. My job has given me amazing opportunities and it has taken me to some beautiful locations that otherwise I wouldn’t have had the chance to visit. I love meeting new people on set but at the same time, like seeing familiar faces and people who I become friends over the years.

What do you think about fashion?

Fashion to me is a way to express yourself and reflect your personality. Fashion changes over time but you can never have enough classic pieces in your wardrobe.

Which brand you've worked with that you really enjoy?

This is a tricky question because it’s hard to pick a particular brand. I can say that I much prefer the type of jobs I am getting now at my age compared to my younger years. It seems like I am getting more shoots for luxury items compared to the past and I really like that because most of the time these jobs take place in beautiful locations and amazing sets.

Do you think Western fashion and Asian's fashion has any different?

The main difference between Asian and Western’s fashion in my opinion is (or at least was) that Western people are more eager to follow the trends whether Asian people are more traditional. However, I do believe that things have massively changed over the years and the impact of social media has heavily contributed to bring Western and Asian fashion much closer.

What're your tips to keep your body fit?

To keep your body fit consistency is the key. Being consistent means making exercise and good nutrition a part of your everyday life with the minimum effort possible. But it is important to understand that you don’t need to work out 7 days a week and you don’t need to be on a strict diet for the rest of your life. It is not sustainable, and it won’t work in the long run. Instead, start with finding an exercise regime that you enjoy and that works well for you because you will never stick to anything that is boring or not particularly pleasant for you. You also need to make some necessary changes to your diet but once again, don’t aim to be 100% perfect. Trying to maintain perfection is impossible and it won’t work.

You can go out to dinner at restaurants, you can have a piece of cake, you can have a drink. It is about making positive choices every day like, adding in more vegetables and fruit to your meals, reduce the intake of sugar and salt, drink more water rather than fizzy drinks and most of all stick to proper food! Cook delicious meals by using fresh and natural ingredients and avoid as much as possible processed food. Trying to use the stairs instead of the lift and make sure you stay as active as possible… in the long run, all the small changes add up. Be consistent, eat healthier and you will start to see results.

How do you define your style?

Well I am 100 % Italian and that has a strong influence in my style. Quality, craftmanship, design and colours are very important for me and to answer the question, yes, my style is Italian.

At the same time, the key thing for me is that there isn’t one straightforward rule to follow. It’s really all about mixing and incorporating the big and small details together by always keeping an eye to visual power and elegance.

What's your most remarkable challenge in the fashion industry? How did you overcome it?

Although I love modelling, it’s not the most stable job in the world. We don’t work every day, sometimes it goes quiet and sometimes it’s unbelievably crazy.

However, I have been lucky enough to have been working with a certain degree of consistency over the years. I decided to explore my other passions on the side: fitness and acting. I did some acting training and studied to become a PT which both work well alongside modelling.

Who is your icon?

If we talk about fashion, David Gandy is who I consider to be the male model icon. With his rugged and strong look, he redefined the existing aesthetic of skinny models and transformed the male modelling world. He changed the shape and look of the male model to the more classic, good looking and stylish man. He has an awesome look and a great style, and it seems he is getting better and better with age.


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