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  • Dylan Tang

CR7 Underwear 最新形象廣告/ CR7 Underwear latest Campaign

Cristiano Ronaldo 幫自己的品牌 CR7 Underwear 推出了全新的形象照;在這一組最新的形象廣告中 C羅 不只展露了足球金童的好身材,更將視覺效果以漫畫般的方式呈現,讓他在足球場上的威能以一個鮮豔亮麗的方式表現給這個世界。

雖然 Ronaldo 最近的職業生涯飽受著許多批評與指教,但是對他這位已經成為傳奇的足球巨星而言,不管有再多看不好的言論出現,他仍然能夠繼續在足球場上努力奔馳,就像 CR7 Underwear 的最新廣告一樣,不管超人承受多少批評,還是會努力向前繼續奮鬥。

Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled his latest campaign for his brand CR7 Underwear. In this campaign, Ronaldo turned into a superhero and showcased his fascinating body to his fans. Alongside with his remarkable shape of underwear. Literally this campaign is ambitiously target to every gender.

Even Mr Ronaldo has been critic recently about his career, however, as a legend, Ronaldo really shouldn’t careless to all of them. Just like a superhero, once you have Power, Strength, Belief then you only need to do is keep going and fight for your life.



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