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重返藍色大門 陳柏霖穿著VERSACE 秋冬系列/ CHEN Bo-Lin is showing his VERSACE AW21 collection

陳柏霖在社群媒體發布自己身穿Versace 2021 秋冬系列、Greca Labyrinth 綁帶運動鞋,展現都會男子的動靜皆宜形象。

他2002年演出的 #藍色大門 現在也在 Netflix Taiwan 上播放。不管你的青春是否也有過那道藍色大門,還是未曾推開過那扇門的新世代。這部作品都值得靜下心來再次觀賞或回味。

《藍色大門》是2000年代臺灣的代表性電影之一。當年的社會民風仍處於喊著開放,卻仍相對封閉。因此,在具有 「開放」 代表性的師大附中拍攝實屬印象深刻。這部電影曾獲2002年坎城電影節「導演雙週」單元展示、及第23屆香港電影金像獎最佳亞洲電影的提名;並為出演電影的陳柏霖和桂綸鎂奠定下臺灣實力派演員的基石。


CHEN Bo-Lin posted on social media that he was wearing the Versace AW21 collection and Greca Labyrinth sneakers. This image shows that he is still the boy we knew from the Blue Gate Crossing, who is sentimental and appreciates great love.

Blue Gate Crossing is streaming on Netflix Taiwan. Regardless of how you feel about this film. Either our generation or the next generation should watch it and open the gate of youths for our own sake.

Blue Gate Crossing is one of Taiwan's representative films in the 2000s. Throwback to 11 years ago, Taiwan was in a society that claimed Free but still conservative. Therefore, this film which contained an LGBTQ story, got criticisms. However, time will tell. This film was exhibited in the Cannes Film Festival 2002 and was nominated for the Best Asian Film at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards. Now, shouldn't we turn on our Netflix and join CHEN Bo-Lin and GUI Lun-Mei, once again, feel the bittersweet love.

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