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  • Dylan Tang

開啟第三章 The Sherlocks推出新單曲 FALLING/ Chapter 3 has begun. The Sherlocks release a new single FALLING

2021年進入下半場,英國樂團 The Sherlocks 順勢推出今年的第二張單曲《Falling》。

「《Falling》是我們第三張專輯中的第一首單曲,轟轟烈烈地拉開序幕,為整張專輯定下了基調!」- The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks 發跡自英國的南約克郡,採用常見的樂團四人編制。由Crook 兄弟組成、 Kiaran Crook (主唱、吉他)、Brandon Crook (鼓手)、Alex Procter(吉他)和 Trent Jackson (貝斯)和 組成。


「每首曲子都必須一樣好或更好,每段弦律都必須很特別,這是我們製作這張專輯最後的想法。這會是一張充滿激情、歡樂、青春和回憶的專輯,而且會永遠留在我們身邊。這首單曲也是我們下一章的開端。」- The Sherlocks


In the second half of 2021, we have The Sherlocks' return to the music industry with their latest single, Falling.

"This is a new chapter for the band & we want you to come on this journey with us! 'Falling'."- The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks founded in South Yorkshire, U.K. It's a four pieces band formed by the Crook brothers. Kiaran Crook (Lead Vocals, Guitar)、Brandon Crook (Drums)、Alex Procter (Guitar) and Trent Jackson (Bass).

This song wrote in a desperate time with real uncertainty about the bands future, then carved into an uplifting anthem and out came Falling. This tune became the blueprint for the rest of the record sonically and set the benchmark that would determine what made it onto the new record.

"Every tune had to be just as good or better, every tune had to be special, and that's exactly what we ended with. An album full of bangers, joy, youth, and memories made that will stay with us forever. This tune is where the next chapter begins." - The Sherlocks


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