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  • Dylan Tang

Raf Simons 與 Calvin Klein 分道揚鑣/ Breakup: Raf Simons & Calvin Klein

再見了 Raf Simons;經過了不到兩年的時間,這位比利時設計師將美國時裝豪門 Calvin Klein 的聲勢由低處拉至高點、美學標準由引人嗤鼻到獲得眾人肯定,他為這個品牌付出的一切功不可沒以及無人能及,但是與 Calvin Klein 的合約到期前八個月,現在 Raf Simons 已經確定要離開公司,提早終止合約。

而在明年的二月的紐約時裝週 Calvin Klein 也確定會缺席,不會舉辦年度注目的新系列大秀。

根據在業界的消息指出 Raf Simons 在九月時已經被 Calvin Klein 告知將要修改合約並且減少他的責任業務範疇,或許是因為這個原因 Simons 和 Klein 即將分道揚鑣,不再繼續合作。

“205W39NYC” 是 Simons 上任創意總監之後為 Calvin Klein 所創作新系列的名號,從這個系列出現之後,普羅大眾對於Calvin Klein 的印象已經不再是保守、了無新意的牛仔褲品牌,或者內褲品牌;但是現實是殘酷的,當你今天的創意無法反映在商業迴響上頭,那麼不管你是多麽強大的築夢家也會面臨現實的逼迫。

Calvin Klein 的在 205W39NYC 系列上投資了六千多萬美金,但是市場上的銷售反應並沒有讓 Raf Simons 得到公司的青睞以及肯定,因此才造就成今天的局面。

其實,所有的時裝設計師都面臨著與 Raf Simons 一樣的狀況,意思就是不管你今天多麽才華洋溢、創意無限,但是遇到市場上沒有給你該有的反饋,那麼你今天生存的空間就會像這位比利時設計師一樣成為沒有伯樂賞識的千里馬。

Farewell Raf Simons. Less than two years, the Belgian designer made the US fashion house Calvin Klein from a low point to the peak, and the aesthetic standards were made from a sneak peek to the recognition of the brand. Everything He made was not everyone could nailed. But eight months before the contract expire with Calvin Klein, Raf Simons has now breakup with the company.

Calvin Klein is also determined to be absent the next New York Fashion Week in February.

According to the voice in the industry, in September, Raf Simons was told by Calvin Klein that they would adjust the contract and reduce his responsibility. Perhaps for this reason, Simons and Klein are about to part ways and will not continue to cooperate.

"205W39NYC" is the name of the collection created by Raf Simons after he took over the creative director position in Calvin Klein. From the appearance of this collection, customers are no longer thinking Calvin Klein is the name of conservative, which is just about jeans and underwear. However the reality is cruel when your creativity cannot be reflected in the business, no matter how remarkable of your ability, you will still face the persecution of realistic.

Calvin Klein invested more than $60 million in the 205W39NYC, but the sales number in the market did not allow Raf Simons to be favoured and affirmed by the company, so it caused the situation today.

In fact, all fashion designers are faced with the same situation as Raf Simons, meaning that no matter how talented and creative you are, but there is no feedback on the market, then you won’t have the space for survive. Just will like this Belgian designer, couldn’t make his America Dream keep going on.


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