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  • Dylan Tang

ADLUT. 超前衛系列《Beyond the Belt》/ ADLUT. ‘Beyond the Belt’ collection is edgy

比利時時裝品牌ADLUT. 推出了最新系列《Beyond the Belt》,這個系列不僅挑戰了大家對於時尚皮件的觀點,更要大家誠實面對自己的心裡的感受。畢竟,誰都有慾望,因此大方展現也不應該有什麼禁忌吧?

《Beyond the Belt》是ADLUT. 首次製作的小皮件系列,在這個系列中只有兩個單品,分別是男性和女性生殖器的零錢包。對ADLUT. 而言,這次推出的系列不只大膽,也充分的將自己想要傳達的理念「大方地愛自己」表露無遺。選擇做為零錢包,則是因為那些看似瑣碎、容易被忽略的銅板,卻也是我們人生中最貼切的物件;就跟你的性器官一樣,是最貼近你身體的一部份。


ADLUT. 成立於2016年,由比利時安特衛普新銳設計師 Raphaële Lenseigne創立。如果說,ADLUT.能幫你什麼,那麼就是顛覆自己對時尚的三觀,以及幫自己為自己設下的框架打破,讓自己的想像可以更自由。

ADLUT., Belgium fashion brand, launched it’s latest collection ‘Beyond the Belt’. It will challenge your view of fashion. In fact, it will make you face your thought from your bottom of the heart. After all, we all have a desire, all we need to do is get rid of the taboo from society and make ourselves more comfortable. ‘Beyond the Belt’ is Adult’s first small leather-goods collection, starting with a pussy coin-purse and a fanny-package. For this Belgium brand, Adult’s principles of self-celebration, shape-shifting and cheekiness, the designs are representing female/male genitals, intricately patterned and assembled together. And since we like to think that you adapt our pieces to your personal needs and desires, they feature sets of horizontal and vertical slits on the back, allowing for versatility of use. Your genitals can now be slid onto your belt, holding your hair, worn together or separately, on the surface or deep-down your pants. We couldn’t expect the social distance is such a thing this year. The distance isn’t that far but tears our heart apart. However, on the other hand, we are able to take time with ourselves, mentally or physically. ‘Love your own body’ isn’t just a slogan, Adult literally is going to make your mind upside down due to the lockdown or quarantine period. Perhaps, by the time people can embrace freedom, we should be more Hybrid, fun, strange, honest. Multiple. ADULT. Established in 2016 by Raphaële Lenseigne. That’s say so, how this brand can help you? If you want to reverse your fashion sense or build a new universe in your mind then ADULT. Is the here. For your better life.

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