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'36 '64 '18 你屬於哪個年代?Barbour International '18春夏系列/ Barbour International SS'18 &

Barbour International 一直都以文化傳承作為自身品牌服裝的核心價值;在這次的倫敦男裝週裡,Barbour 更將秀場劃分為三個不同的時空,分別為 1936、1964 和 2018,讓人在自己現正身處的時空混淆,卻又一貫的體會著這個品牌的經典之處。

時空的劃分從 1936 開始,這一年是 Barbour 正式冠上 International 名字的一年;Barbour International 在這一年因為參與了國際越野摩托車賽事 International Six Day Trial (ISDT) 而聲名大噪;而且Barbour 特有的油布外套從1936年開始,就一直受到英國隊的青睞直到1977年。

(Courtesy of Barbour International)

為了呈現出當年的壯闊場景, Barbour International 的2018春夏時裝展特別使用了 3D 投放技巧,讓82年前的時光再一次重現在現代的時光裡。

1964 則是 Barbour International 因為美國演員 Steve McQueen 在 ISDT上穿著經典款 A7 International Jacket 登場,而從此塑造了 Barbour International 在國際上的經典形象。

最後來到了2018年,為了製造出與會場主題 Barbour International Garage 違合的氣氛,今年的最新時裝將 “經典” 與 “運動” 結合,推出了多種混合搭配的風格。

“我們想要把Barbour International 從1936年以來的真實、風格以及文化傳達給每一個人,這就是我們慶祝品牌在現在依然非常成功,而且放眼未來的一種方式。在超過八十年的文化裡頭,Barbour Internaional 已經進化也成長到現在擁有自己的態度、個性以及懂的我們自己的消費者” -Paul Wilinson 全球行銷總監 (Barbour International)

從一八九四年由 John Barbour 成立以來,一直都堅守著品牌成立至今的信念,從油布外套開始到現在對未來走向的自信想法,這個從不屏棄為何成功,而且總是謙虛看待自己走過的路的 Barbour Internatinal ,勢必在未來的時裝產業仍然會屹立不搖。

Barbour International is a brand which always follow their brand's DNA and respects own history since beginning. This season, this Britain fashion brand separate the time to three different pieces; 1936, 1964 and 2018.

In 1936, Barbour had a dramatically change in their life journey. This year, Barbour put the 'International' behind the name of brand, besides, due to the International Six Day Trial (ISDT), Barbour International had become a well-known brand in Britain. Since then, almost Britain team wore their wax jacket until 1977.

In order to showcased the phenomenal year to their guests, Barbour International had used 3D projection to lead all of guests through the time tunnel back to the 1936.

After couple decades, Barbour International had another huge successful at ISDT. The iconic American actor Steve McQueen wore the classic A7 International Jacket in the 1964 at ISDT. Hence, it's quite a key point that turned Barbour International into the catalogue of worldwide famous brand.

Back to present-day, 2018, Barbour demonstrate several different looks which combine 'Original' and 'Sport' for their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. The reason why they put two different rolls together is because Barbour International keen on present a conflict vibes during the show and the theme of the venue- Barbour International Garage.

"We wanted to deliver an experience that gives everyone a strong sense of Barbour International's style, authenticity and heritage since 1936, as well as celebrating the brand's modern day success and looking forward to its global growth for the future. With a heritage and history of over 80 years, Barbour International has evolved and grown into the brand it it today with its own lifestyle, attitude, brand personality and customer base." Paul Wilkinson (Global Marketing Director for Barbour)

Barbour doesn't build their fame and their success for no reason. This fashion brand keeps follow their brand's DNA and always humble operation to anything, anyone at anytime since 1894 when this brand founded by John Barbour.


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Photography by Taiker Magazine


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