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  • Dylan Tang

AWAYTOMARS Collection718 春夏形象照/ AWAYTOMARS Collection718 Spring/Summer'18 Lookbook

AWAYTOMARS 推出的 Collection718 是和攝影師 Gleeson Paulino 一同合作所推出的全新作品;

AWAYTOMARS 品牌從創立開始便不斷與其他創作者攜手合作,目的在於呈現給世人不同欣賞時尚的視野;只要你有呈現出新時尚的野心並且尋求一個推手實現你的世界觀,那麼AWAYTOMARS 便是你應該親自探索的地方。

Collection718 是 AWAYTOMARS 與來自85個國家 718個設計一起推出的奇幻作品;這個系列由70件作品組成,透過 Paulino 的攝影技術,將設計師的想像由實際的影像表現而成。

「 當你必須不斷的嘗試,並想要呈現出一個整體感覺,有時候並不能只靠一個國家帶給你的感受,Collection 718 所代表的則是透過不同作品之間的交流,創作出繁華的不同想法,並且在人與人之間建立連結。」

AWAYTOMARS Collection 718 is a collection which cooperated with photographer Gleeson Paulino.

Since AWAYTOMARS launched years ago, this brand consistently works with different creators, in order to presents the whole different vision of fashion. As long as you have the ambition to showcase your vision and seeking a partner to help you then AWAYTOMARS is the one which belongs to you.

Collection 718 is a fantastic world which AWAYTOMARS works with 718 designers from 85 different countries. Through Gleeson's lenses, 70 pieces in this collection have been given a completely different life. Fantasies have been showcased on practical images.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to feel a sense of belonging to a single country, when there is so much to experience out there. Through the sharing of experiences, creativity flourishes. It is an essential process of diversification of ideas, as well as a way to feel a sense of wholeness, connecting people from all parts of the world. This is what this collection is all about.”


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