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  • Dylan Tang

Avellaneda 2017秋冬形象廣告/ Avellaneda Autumn/Winter'17 Campaign

Dali 和 Lorca,Lorca 和 Dali

Avellaneda 秋冬2017形象廣告將文字、詩、畫作以及影像做結合,將地中海發生的超脫事情作為時裝是覺得呈現。





Avellaneda 由設計師 Juan Avellaneda 在2015年成立,並且致力於將哲學融合在他所設計的時裝裡頭

Dalí and Lorca. Lorca and Dalí.

The new collection from Avellaneda recovers the key points – letters, poems, images, drawings – of this legendary meeting and pays homage to the most surreal of junctures: the Mediterranean.

Lemons as acid as love. Brilliant textures like the sea in Cadaqués.

Flowers like a lover’s gifts.

Kisses signing off letters.

The symbolism of love permeates a menswear collection with a signature poetics.

Avellaneda was launched in 2015 by Juan Avellaneda who focuses his work philosophy with clothing at its core.


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Photography Carlos Moreno

Model Alvaro Puyol

Art Direction IssueTenCreative, Francesco Sourigues & David Vivirido

Grooming Egon Crivillers

Words by Avellaneda

Translated by Dylan Tang


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