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  • Dylan Tang

醒著夢遊 / Sleepwalking Awake

當房子像被海嘯一樣摧毀 , 你剩下的是什麼 ?


她說:「如果這房子有生命,他是看著我長大, 而 我卻是見證他逝去。我想將最美的東西存放於他的身體裡,送他最後一程。」


她化作精靈,於家園起舞 ; 在汰舊換新的殘景中抹上浪漫。



​When one’s home is left in tatters ravaged like aport in a tsunami what else is there left to salvage?

“Sleepwalking Awake” derives from the final four moments of the old house that she was raised in; attempting to protect the memories of her childhood, trying to preserve these dear recollections.

“The neighbourhood does not seem to be blessed, however we should not perceive it in a negative light. Instead, we should treat it as an essence of beauty,” expresses Man -Ti .

She often dreamt of dancing in this neighbourhood as an elf; it was her reality, but also her fantasy.

She did not think too much about passers- by nor the opinions of her neighbours, for she felt it was the beauty of her dream.

She was her novel’s own protagonist on an adventure to explore her dream, to convey her fantasy, but more importantly to make sure it is not forgotten, because it was all so clear, yet so very vague.

It was so clear, yet so very vague

She often dreamt of dancing in this neighbourhood as an elf

創作者 Creator 黃顛四 / Man-Ti,Huang

攝影師 Photographer

馬德 Oink

蘇修賢Ryan Su

洪嘉震 Ric

于懷傑 JayWalker

柯良志 Ko

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