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  • Dylan Tang

【後台】Dgnak 秋冬2017男裝 / 【BackStage】Dgnak AW17 Menswear Collection

首爾時裝周的人氣品牌 Dgnak 在伸展台上的表現不俗,並且一路將前台的神秘氛圍延伸到後台,每位模特兒都戴上了瞳孔變色片,讓你不用特別感受,都可以體會到Dgnak 的細膩與神秘。

Seoul Fashion Week has finished for a while, however, it's about time to introduce Dgnak, a mystery but tender brand. They conducted the unrecognised vibes from the runway to backstage. Each model has wore the colour-contacts which made the room extremely unreal.


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Photographed by Nicky Zheng

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