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  • Dylan Tang

Prada 跳出框架的2017秋冬廣告 / Prada AW17 Campaign 'Nonconformists'



這一次 Prada 秋冬2017的廣告,就像是延續了Prada 在秋冬大秀上表現出 '人性、現實以及樸素' 一樣,將所有世人對於時尚的框架打破。

這一次Prada 找來了攝影師 Willy Vanderperre 合作,將照片以自然並且即時的狀態下清楚的捕捉下來;這個廣告攝影也突破以往在時裝秀後拍攝,這一系列的照片都是在之前就已經拍攝完成的。




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Freethinking, renegade, maverick. Unbeholden to traditional rules or boundaries. Nonconformists.

Part of 365, the Nonconformists campaign encapsulates the themes and narrative of the Men’s and Women’s Fall/Winter 2017 show: Humanity, reality and simplicity.

Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, the images are spontaneous and immediate, arresting in their clarity and directness. They are a moment captured in time - created, against tradition, before the collections unveiling rather than afterwards, and hence charged with a sense of the radical, the undiscovered.

These shots present a new sense of intimacy, a conversation between viewer and models. Each is a character in themselves, a persona, expressing their own identity alongside that of the clothes. Cleansed of backdrop or overriding theme or visual treatment, the striking straight-up photographs pull the emphasis purely onto the sitters, and the clothes on their backs.

Simplicity, here, is radical. Normal is Nonconformists.

Prada Autumn/ Winter 2017 Men's & Women's Show

Photography Courtesy of Prada

Words: Prada (English), Mandarin (Dylan Tang)

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