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  • Dylan Tang

Dior Homme 的新浪潮, 秋季2017時裝/ NEWAVE by Dior Homme, Fall 2017 collection

Dior Homme 為了慶祝在東京銀座開幕的全新旗艦店,因此將設計總監 Kris Van Assche 的秋冬男裝系列選在當地發表。

在這一整套系列的視覺裡,Dior Homme 以大量的幾何元素與Dior 男性精神的元素結合,在這樣的組合底下,你會彷彿走進一個充滿Dior 態度男性的衣櫥般,得再創新與經典曲得平衡 ;而在日本開店,當然也少不了專屬於當地的限定款,再這一整個系列裡,就有兩組服裝是餵了銀座店獨家設計的。

Kris Van Assche 將 NEWAVE 以及 SCREAM 大方的放在顯而易見的地方,而不是傳統的將 Dior Logo 大剌剌的展示, 或許也正式代表著這一次的銀座店開幕正式Dior 走向下個紀元的開始,也是新浪潮準備一點一些侵略這個法式奢侈品牌的傳統。

To celebrate the opening of a new boutique at Ginza Six, in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Dior Homme unveiled the Fall 2017 collection designed by Kris Van Assche.

In this whole collection, Dior merge various graphic elements with a classic monsieur Dior. Meaning, you will feel like have a step into the classic Dior gentlemen, sink into the perfect balance between creativity with nostalgia. Moreover, it's kind of a tradition to do a launch in Japan, you will have some exclusive pieces for Japanese. Hence, Dior Homme Fall 2017 had two silhouettes designs for the Ginza boutique.

Kris Van Assche put both NEWAVE and SCREAM are superimposed on the classic Christian Dior logo for an irreverent twist featured on Ginza-exclusive designs. Perhaps it literally means this is the new wave for this French luxury fashion house.


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