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  • Dylan Tang

Gucci 早秋2017 形象廣告 / Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 campaign

Gucci 的2017早秋系列廣告將六零年代的活力帶回現代;靈感來自於北英格蘭當時的地下文化,在當時,儘管身處於不受主流歡迎的年代,但是滿溢的活力仍然將人們的態度充分表現。

Gucci built a bridge which referenced the spirit of England from the 60s. The underground northern soul movement has literally bounded in the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 campaign, which has rich and vibrant attitude in this collection.


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Photographer: Glen Luchford Creative direction and styling: Alessandro Michele Art director: Christopher Simmonds

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