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  • Dylan Tang

Pretty Green 黑標系列春夏廣告/ Pretty Green Black Label SS17 Campaign

英倫品牌 Pretty Green 的黑標系列,推出了具有六零年代晚期情感的春夏廣告。

Pretty Green 每一次的形象廣告都不單只有平面廣告的拍攝,而是都會予以影片的方式來完整闡述自己想表達的概念。 這一次所使用的面料來自於兩家英國富有歷史的布料公司 Abraham Moons 以及 William Halstead ;而這一次的黑標系列使用了大量的千鳥格紋,以及在襯衫上的手染技術。


Pretty Green's SS17 Black Label collection encapsulates a uniquely British message. Inspired by the psychedelic era of the late ’60’s, the collection features statement pieces symbolic of that time, blended with classic British style references.

Outerwear and tailoring are crafted with British fabric mills including Abraham Moons and William Halstead. The typically British “houndstooth” check is featured in woven wool and handpainted in-house as a print for shirts.


Where to Buy & More Information

Photography & English Words: Pretty Green

Mandarin: Dylan Tang

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