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  • Dylan Tang

Pretty Green 春夏2017形象廣告/ Pretty Green SS17 Campaign Green Label


Pretty Green 的2017春夏形象廣告將時空拉回到當時Britpop正當紅的年代,與黑標系列的時空交錯,這一次的系列更貼近當時英倫文化爆發的年代。


Looking back at the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a profound shift in British popular music and culture. Weekends were lost to dance, music and a new energy that would change the club scene forever.

The Pretty Green SS17 collection draws deeply on the influences of this era. Dropping in statement red, white and blue, fractured, geometric prints that mirror the club night flyers and back drops of the day.

All this to pay homage to the energy and essence of the movement, to echo the experiences of those that were lucky enough to be there and to entice those who simply wish they were.


Where to Buy & More Information

Photography & English Words: Pretty Green

Mandarin: Dylan Tang

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