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  • Eksuda Vessakosol

【街拍】倫敦時裝週 (貳) / 【Street-Style】London Fashion Week AW17 (2)

倫敦的街頭時尚一直都是每個時尚愛好者的參考對象,尤其在時裝週更是大家使出渾身解數的時候,時尚記者 Eksuda Vessakosol 這次將倫敦時裝週的特色完整記錄下來。

If you are a fashionista, you will never forget mark the fashion city; London, on your map. Especially, people are dressing harder during the London Fashion Week.

Fashion journalist has highlighted what she through and what she felt in London this time.


Even though it is winter, there is always a hope for spring.


Animal prints never go out of style.


A purse on wheels is the latest trend.


This is how you pull off a geek chic look.


Photographer: Eksuda Vessakosol

Words: Eksuda Vessakosol & Dylan Tang

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