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  • Dylan Tang

【羅根】亞洲首場記者會 / 【Logan】The first Press Conference in Asia.




Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart has officially finished their schedule in Taiwan. They may not stay in Taiwan for a long time, but what they left to us is the remarkable and unforgettable memory.

Logan is the movie which they present to either wolverine or X-men fans, it also is the final sequel of wolverine. Some people may say it’s the end of the era. however, according to the duo, it just a perfect timing to say goodbye.

They made this decision because when they were in Berlin for the movie’s premier. They suddenly felt like “ We may not create as perfect as this final sequel.We may not feel satisfied in the future sequel if they will have. Then why don’t we just say goodbye?’’

This statement from them were extremely heartbreaking, but it’s acceptable. Because we love Wolverine and Professor X so much. We respect their effort and what they brought to us.

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