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  • Dylan Tang

[Milan] Gucci 的一百一十九套時裝 / Gucci's 119 fashion-looks, AW17

時尚龍頭 Gucci 推出了二零一七男女裝系列的秋冬時裝,這次的設計高達一百一十九套服裝,但是不變的是Gucci 近幾次時裝秀發展出來的印花圖騰,即將成為他的新視覺衝擊!

The King of Fashion, Gucci, just unveiled their Autumn/ Winter 2017 Men's & Women's Collection in Milan Fashion Week. This time, Gucci produced 119 fashion-looks. Aforementioned, Gucci is the king of fashion, perhaps the huge number of their new luxury clothes will not be their ceiling in fashion.

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