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  • Dylan Tang

[紐約] TOME 秋冬女裝 / [New York] TOME AW17 Womenswear

TOME 在紐約時裝周發表了最新一季的女裝,雙人組設計師 Ryan Lobo 以及 Ramon Martin 保持的原始設計女裝的想法 「讓女生穿得更美麗」因此在伸展台上,你並不會看到過多髮型怪異或者妝感過濃的模特兒。


這一次設計的靈感來自於雕塑家與畫家 Dorothea Tanning、Alina Szapocznikow 以及 Louise Bourgeois,目的是為了體現出對於女性的以及線條的優雅。


Where to Buy and more Information

TOME unveiled their latest womenswear in New York Fashion Week autumn/winter 2017. The duo Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin are keen on present women's natural beauty, or we suppose to say, they always fancy models innate look. They didn't put too much makeup and crazy hairstyle on their models, meaning, you won't able to distracted on their show. Moreover, they have many two pieces for girls who admire theirs own styling tips. If you are these kind of girls, TOME AW17 is your premiere choice.

The concept of this season is about artists and sculptors Dorothea Tanning, Alina Szapocznikow and Louise Bourgeois. You will see directly female form, shape and elegant on their latest womenswear collection.

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