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  • Dylan Tang

Iceberg 二零一七春夏廣告/ Iceberg Spring Summer 2017 Campaign

義大義品牌 Iceberg 這次的春夏形象廣告,找來了兩位模特兒 Luka Sabbat 和 Sarah Snyder 穿著 Iceberg 穿梭在紐約,Sabbat 和 Snyder 這次不單單只在鏡頭前面拍照,更身兼攝影師以及造型師; 在這個充滿希望與激情的城市 Iceberg 再度跳脫出框架,創造令人印象深刻的形象廣告。

Italian brand "Iceberg" unveiled their Spring Summer 2017 Campaign, which took in New York. Iceberg is out of box now, they cooperated with models Luka Sabbat and Sarah Snyder, they are also recognised as photographers and stylists in this campaign. Iceberg is a brand, having passion and creativity just like the only and unique Big Apple.


Where to Buy and more information:

Facebook: IcebergOfficial

Instagram: IcebergOfficial

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