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  • Dylan Tang

年輕世代的搖滾樂:The Academic / Indie, Rock, New Generation; The Academic

The Academic;成立於愛爾蘭馬林加(Ireland ; Mullingar) 的獨立搖滾樂團,在2013年成立之後,他們音樂的曲風以及歌詞寫法便被譽為年輕版的『北極潑猴』。

這組四人編製的獨立搖滾樂團為臺客雜誌二月所推薦,The Academic 的曲風富有活力,並且能代表著年輕世代的聲音,並且在電子音樂充斥的年代,讓你找回正統樂器演奏的美好。

在二零一五年發行首張EP Loose Friends 後便獲得許多人的關注,這張EP收錄了"Different", "Northern Boy", "Sometimes", "Cheers" 以及”Thought I Told You" 等五首歌。

去年二零一六年所推出的單曲 Mixtape 2003 更讓他們受到市場的肯定,尤其這首單曲的音樂脈絡會讓你重回當初搖滾樂全盛時期的美好時光。

你的播放清單裡面或許已經有了自己的一套系統,但是The Academic 是你在二零一七年裡不能錯過一股節奏,如果你不曾經歷過搖滾樂的美好時光,那麼就讓The Academic 帶你重回那一段藉由音樂解放的年代。


​The Academic;founded in Mullingar; Ireland. They are a four piece Indie Rock band and they are also recognised as the new generation of Arctic Monkeys. Their energetic chords and lyrics with wisdom make them are powerful and meaningful in this era.

​If you never been to the golden age of rock music, you definitely have to play their songs for your own sake. Either you are EDM people or real music person.

They released their first EP, Loose Friends, in 2015. It includes "Different", "Northern Boy", "Sometimes", "Cheers" and ”Thought I Told You". After the successful EP, they have bathed under the spotlight due to their touchable music.

Their latest single, Mixtape 2003, released in 2016. This track brought them into the market and gave them more attention in the public. Due to the chords are catchy and lead us into the wonderland of real music. ( We are talk about music with real instruments)

To sum up everything about The Academic, even though you already have your own playlist in your phone, You will not want to miss The Academic in 2017. Seriously, don't you want to polish your scene through this band of this generation?

Photographed by Dara Munnis and The Academic Facebook

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