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  • Dylan Tang

Dior Homme AW17 橘色是新的黑色/ Dior Homme AW17 Orange is the New Black

『橘色是新的黑色』這句話時常出現在去年的社群媒體裡頭,但是沒想到這次的Dior Homme 秋冬男裝系列裡卻又再次出現類似的配色組合。

Kris Van Assche首次出任 Dior Homme 的設計總監,他將斑駁的色彩在衣服呈現出非常吸睛的效果,讓人十足感受到這個巴黎時裝豪門想要走出跟以往不同的設計風格,只不過排山倒海來的輿論是否可以讓這次做出一些改變的Dior Homme 能繼續堅持下去呢?

'Orange is the new black' This one has been on the internet for a while since last year. However, we didn't expect it will literally happen in fashion industry, especially in Dior Homme.

Kris Van Assche presented his first collection for Dior Homme during Paris Fashion Week. His paradox colour on the clothes are extremely powerful and meaningful. It's rare that a luxury brand has changed but it may not be a babd thing. The only thing we can is wait and see. If Dior is happy to Kris Van Assche.


Where to Buy and More information

Website: Dior Homme

Facebook: Dior

Twitter: @Dior

Instaram: @Dior

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