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  • Dylan Tang

Belstaff 春夏男裝形象廣告/ Belstaff SS17 Fashion look

英國高級戶外服裝品牌 Belstaff的春夏二零一七系列將場景帶到充滿沙漠岩石的戶外,有別於其他高級時裝的品牌,Belstaff 一直都是把充滿冒險的戶外活動與高級時裝緊密的連結。

The luxury adventure brand, Belstaff, brought their spring/summer 2017 collection bathing in the sun and moving on the sand. It's pretty common to see this via Belstaff but rare for other luxury brands. That's why Belstaff can keep huge since 1924.


Where to Buy and More information

Facebook: @Belstaff

Instagram: @Belstaff

Twitter: @Belstaff

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