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[編輯選歌] 約翰梅爾全新單曲‘Love on the Weekend'/ [Editor's Pick] John Mayer new single 'Love on the

​約翰梅爾帶著全新單曲 ‘Love on the Weekend' 強勢回歸,距離他上一張專輯已經睽違三年之久,這次約翰梅爾帶著他標誌性的曲風回歸音樂世界,在2017年的排行榜大戰眾多歌手似乎又多了一位強敵。

John Mayer releases his latest single 'Love on the Weekend'. This is his only track since the single 'XO' from 2014 and the album 'Paradise Valley' in 2013. This song with his signature chord and guitar skill. We don't know how it will perform on the billboard yet. However we can forecast John Mayer with his 'Love on the Weekend' will jump into top very fast.

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