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  • Dylan Tang

Christopher Kane 十年精華的新詮釋/ Christopher Kane, from past to present. 10 Capsule collection




時尚是一個最充滿個人色彩的產業,每個設計師都不斷檢視過去的歷史來化做未來的養分,如同設計師 Christopher Kane 日前推出了十件關於承襲舊有價值卻仍然閃耀新型態的色彩毛衣。從過去十年最熱門的印花圖騰,將其定義以及設計,這命名為10 Capsule 系列的毛衣,就像是一個時空膠囊,一個將過去有價值的事情在某個時間過後再度檢視,並且成為未來閃耀自己新色彩的養分的膠囊。

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Taipei has started losing colours when the winter is approaching this city. You will never know how those citizens have able to put these poker faces during the whole season and act like those boring concrete jungle. The warm-less and colour-less street doesn't look like Taipei anymore.

​People in Taipei need some special colour and pattern to helping them invoke them during the winter. Fortunately, Christopher Kane unveiled his special collection '10 capsule' for the winter and the coming holiday. 10 capsule is a collection of sweatshirts, that celebrates some the designer’s most iconic prints since the launch of the brand ten years ago. Featuring a mix of unisex, men’s and women’s styles, the capsule revisits the SS09 chimp, AW10 florals, and the SS14 botanical print, amongst others.


​Known for his masterful way of transforming the ordinary, finding inspiration in the unexpected, and interpreting it into something beautiful and desirable, each sweatshirt highlights a significant moment in the designer’s immensely successful career to date. To celebrate this special launch, the full capsule was photographed on current students from Taylor High School in Motherwell, Scotland, where Christopher himself studied.

“We wanted to celebrate some of our most iconic and popular prints with the 10 capsule and felt the sweatshirt is something you can wear with anything. We wanted it to be both fun and functional, something easy to wear, which you can dress up or down. There was a lot of debate with my studio team over which prints to choose but in the end it was very easy; each print means something to me and says so much about me, my interests and my collections over the last 10 years. It was very emotional to see how they have evolved over time and felt wrong at times to pick one over the other.” - Christopher Kane

Photography by Ebba Hult

Special Thanks to the students and staff of Taylor High

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