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  • Dylan Tang

基輔時裝週,''Who is it?'' 2017春夏女裝系列/ Kiev Fashion Days, ''Who is it?'' S

"Who is it ?" 烏克蘭設計師品牌,今年的基輔時裝週讓觀眾驚艷他們看似簡單卻不失風趣的設計風格,以抽象風格為主軸的設計卻又能實際穿搭。

“Who is it?” – women’s clothing studio from Kiev, this yeas they took everyones attention and created their own vibes during fashion days. Their designs are creating minimalistic & functional womenswear.

Where to buy and more information:

Facebook: @WhoisitUA

Instagram: @Whoisitclothes

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