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Douglas Dare 全新療癒專輯 Aforger / Douglas Dare's Aforger

by Özge Cöne

Douglas Dare;出生於東南英格蘭的Bridport,畢業於利物浦大學;從小在身為鋼琴老師的母親的薰陶下,在大學的時候

立志成為一位音樂創作家。二零一四年時 Douglas 發行首張專輯『Whelm』,這張專輯是由倫敦知名獨立音樂廠牌 Erased Tape 所發行,並且在發行後與旗下歌手 Nils Frahm 一同在北美進行巡迴演出。

by Özge Cöne

二零一六年的十月,Douglas Dare 發行了第二張專輯『Aforger』他獨特的嗓音讓許多人拿他與 Radiohead 主唱 Thom York 以及 James Blake 相比,因為他們的嗓音中都帶著憂鬱的情緒並且除了歌聲以外都能寫出許多傳透人心的歌曲。

專輯首波主打 “Doublethink" 唱出了心靈糾結時渴望自由的情緒;第二單曲 ”Oh Father“ 似乎唱出Dare 渴望父愛的感受;專輯第三張單曲 ”New York" 則是讓人不禁猜想,今天的紐約仍然是大家心中追逐夢想的地方嗎?還是只是所有人心中一昧地覺得?

目前在歐洲巡迴演出進入一個階段的 Douglas , 期待他能推出新的音樂並且唱出更多自己的故事引起新的世代更多共鳴。

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Soundcloud: Douglas Dare

Twitter: Douglas Dare

Facebook: Douglas Dare


Douglas Dare is a London-based singer-songwriter, originally from the coastal town of Bridport, South West England. Dare released his debut album 'Whelm' in 2014 on the Erased Tapes label. Soon as his debut album, he went to North America with label mate Nils Frahm for the North American tour. In 2016, Dare released his second studio album 'Aforger'. This album let Dare gained more applauses and attention. People put Dare's voice besides Thom York and James Blake. Due to their voices are all expend sorrow but also comfy sound-like.

The first single ''Doublethink''; seems like a soul desire the freedom but locked by it's complicate thought. Second single 'Oh Father' is a song, which express a person who is looking for love from their father. Third single of this album is 'New York', this song let people wondering 'Does New York still make dream comes true? Or It just what we thought?'

Douglas Dare is touring in Europe and the UK at the moment. We are looking forward to hear his new songs and expecting he keep singing his story to inspiring the new generation.

By kitty Riddell

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