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  • Dylan Tang

Fyodor Golan 服裝與視覺的結合 / Fyodor Golan Spring/Summer 2017

Fyodor Golan 在春夏系列中不僅展現新穎的設計更在發表會上使用影片投放的方式,讓所有進場的觀眾在影音以及模特兒真實的展示衣服上得到滿足。

Fyodor Golan 在時裝發表會上選擇這樣新穎的方式原因很簡單:「我們不想跟過去舊有的時尚伸展台一樣制式,我們想要走出自己的路?」 他們與Miximaliste 合作,使他們的發表會上投影出來許多不同顏色的模特兒並且穿著合宜的服裝,讓整個展場空間的視覺擁有一致性的完整。

Fyodor Golan 在模特兒之間創造出一條模糊的界線,在真實與虛擬的模特兒相互不干擾卻又有些為互動的表現裡,所以前來的觀眾都感受到這場秀的和諧與衝突。所有緊張的氣氛以及模特兒展現出來的態度都讓人不寒而慄卻又感到自然祥和;如果Fyodor Golan 想要展現出來有別以往的時尚發表,他們真的做到他們想要達成的目標也讓所有參與的人都感受到他們嘗試為時尚產業注入新的能量。

Where to Buy and more information:

Official Website:

Facebook @FydorGolan

Twitter: @FydorGolan

Instagram: @FydorGolan


Fyodor Golan presented their latest collection of fashion were using a fresh way; projection, music and models with their own vibes. They have explored a new way of introducing and communicating a fashion collection. Using fashion and film CGI technology the brand is developing a unique and viewer experience.

​​Fyodor Golan challenged the traditional catwalk format. Therefore, they didn't sketch or toile the looks. Instead, in collaboration with Miximaliste, they created a CGI animated collection. Creating an artificial FG paradise with multicoloured avatars wearing our designs and allowing multiple perspectives views in this visually saturated representation.

​The digital presentation combined with real-life models blurs the lines between reality and the moving, reacting computer avatars; seeking the real textures to justify the stimulated materials and their behaviour to reach their maximum potential; pushing the boundaries between nature and plasticisation applying virtual cinematography that is not constrained by the laws of physics; manipulating this freedom and creating illusions that would exist harmoniously with one another.

If Fyodor Golan tired to inject a new energy into fashion industry, they literally achieved what they wanted to do. Moreover, perhaps next season they will have bunches of followers to copy their ideas of presentation.

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