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Phantom Runners 未來流行樂的第一次 / Phantom Runners, The Pop of Future.

‘’First Time'' 是一首關於感覺的歌,一種唱出關於你對某個人初次產生情愫時的歌''

Phantom Runners 是一個以首腦 ADAL (Adam Al-Hilali) 的前衛流行樂團體;Phantom Runners 以R&B, POP和 八零年代音樂為基礎與各方不同人馬合作,在每首歌曲上都能聽到不同的聲音。First Time 這首歌找來了 Brooke Bailey ,使得這首歌曲恰當好處的唱出愛情萌芽的感覺。

"流行樂無法達成的成就!" - Q Magazine

"一位真正的流行音樂家" - The Line of Best Fit

“和諧的旋律,令人上癮的節奏....” - Nylon

Phantom Runners 首次登場是以藝術搖滾為基石,隨後發展成為現在已聲音與節奏為導向的調性;Phantom Runners 的音樂深深受著 Years & Years、Caribou 以及麥可傑克森的影響。

如同早期珍娜傑克森與 Blood Orange & Sky Ferreira 合作一樣,Phantom Runners 的音樂將會陪你整個夜晚。

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“First Time” is a track about chasing that first feeling you get with someone, that initial rush”

Phantom Runners is the moniker of future-pop producer ADAL. Forged through a love of R&B, pop and 80s music, Phantom Runners are embarking on a journey of collaboration. Working on an album featuring several vocalists, the initial track is the aptly named ‘First Time’, featuring Brooke Bailey.

"Pop music rarely comes as effortless as this" - Q Magazine

"A true pop gem" - The Line of Best Fit

“Smooth melodies, infectious choruses….” - Nylon

Phantom Runners first came onto the scene in the form of an art rock band but is now exploring a new sound, taking notable influence from the likes of Years & Years, Caribou and Michael Jackson.

It’s fragments of early Janet Jackson meets Blood Orange & Sky Ferreira. It’s music to drive to at night. It’s PhantomRunners.

​Facebook: Phantom Runners

Twitter: @Phantom Runners

Instagram: @Phantom Runners

Soundcloud: Phantom Runners

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