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  • Dylan Tang

Sophia Webster x Nicki Minaj;紐約呈現完美穿搭 / The Perfect Sandal; Sophia Webster x Nicki Minaj in New York

音樂盛會 TIDAL X:1015 前兩天在紐約的 Barclays Center 中心落幕!除了Queen 碧昂絲一樣震撼全場以外,嘻哈歌手 Nicki Minaj 進場時的服裝讓人覺得她似乎非常重視這個場合,一席全白上身及搭配上 Sophia Webster 2016秋冬 Selina 系列涼鞋靴,讓人覺得她是否已經收斂她的銳氣改走沉著穩重的路線了。

Global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, and New York City's largest poverty-fighting organisation, Robin Hood, hosted TIDAL X:1015 on October 15 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Queen Bey still killed the spotlight when she appeared on the venue. However, the rapper; Nicki Minaj was another stunning beauty. She wore the pure white upper with fur and studs. It seems like she took her attitude back and she's turing to the mature and respectful signer as Queen Bey.

The sandals are from Sophia Webster AW16 Selina Sandal Bootie. If you would like to dress as our new love, Nicki Minaj. Don't forget what she wore for TIDAL X:1015.


Where to Buy and more information:

Instagram: @SophiaWebster

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