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  • Dylan Tang

回到十八世紀, Shrimps 2017 春夏女裝系列/ Back to the 18th, Shrimps Spring/Summer 2017

​​十八世紀的法式皇家圖騰,採用弓形、格狀毛絨 搭配上溫暖的奶油色以及亮如樹蛙的青綠色。


The 18th Century Royal French Court, Shrimps took Bows, Gingham Fur, Pitch-Fork Printed Marching Girls with Soft Creams and Frog Greens.

If you are not willing to keep your ego on the street, why don't you let Empire Français into your wardrobe to create your unique spring summer style.

Where to Buy and more information:

Official Website:

Twitter: @Shrimps_

Instagram: @Shrimps

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