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  • Eksuda Vessakosol

巴黎時裝週 SS17 Street-style / Paris Fashion Week SS17 Street-style


I like the layering and the quirkiness of this look. She plays with layering basic garments but she does not forget to have some fun. Each piece of her accessories has its own character: a tiger scarf, a novelty clutch bag, granny eyeglasses, and two-toned shoes with little crystals. It is a perfect balance.



I admire her natural beauty. She rarely puts on any make up just some mascara and a right shade of red lipstick. Her outfit does not scream for attention yet with a right dose of class.



She makes something that should not work work. It is not easy to pull off white boots but this lady makes it work. It is the same way she does with velvet. It never looks more modern.



It almost seems like she steals this outfit from her granny's wardrobe but little details like hand sleeves of granny oversized jumper, metallic texture of vintage-inspired handbag and pleated floral skirt in electric colours add an extra modern touch. Nostalgia and modernity come in equal doses.

Photographed & Words by Eksuda Vessakosol

Translated by Dylan Tang

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