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  • Dylan Tang

Sadie Clayton 的時間與生命 / Sadie Clayton's time and life; SS17 collection

Sadie Clayton 二零一七年春夏女裝系列的設計來自於他對時間轉移的概念以及不斷從他腦海浮現的想法。Sadie 在這個設計之前做了許多研究,包含了時間裡的限制與永恆,而他也將它的設計轉化為視覺藝術呈現在展演空間裡。


是Sadie Clayton 這次2017女裝的核心價值。

Sadie Clayton’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection takes her on-going exploration of the ideas of headspace and the concept of time to another level. Sadie has approached the collection investigating not only the constraints of time and the eternal search for creating headspace, but also embracing the visual representation of her work through the use of holographic technology and lighting to depict the speeds at which we live various moments in our life, frenetic chaos to stillness and peace of mind.

Where to Buy and more information:

Official Website:

Twitter: @SadieClayton

Instagram: @iamsadieclayton

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