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  • Dylan Tang

Edeline Lee 2017春夏女裝的緣起/ The Great Story about Edeline Lee's SS17 Collection



"Spring Summer 2017 started with a post Brexit idea of an 'ode' to London, a city that has given me so much inspiration. London has endless depths and every neighbourhood and every community has a story of its own. What makes London different though, is how easily and seamlessly people of so many different types thrive and co-exist against the backdrop of this city.

This season is about the pleasure I find in the everyday moments of a London life, observing the people walking down the street outside my studio. London is endlessly luxurious, yet homely and grimy at the same time. It is abundant and stark, pedestrian and refined, hectic and lonely, polite and rough, formal and colloquial, joyful and frustrating, slow and fast. Everything you need is in London. You can get fed up and escape it, only to come back with a sigh of relief. it's my definition of fun, and I wanted to make a fun collection." EDELINE LEE explained.

​Official Website:

Facebook: Edeline Lee

INSTAGRAM: @EdelineLee

Twitter: @EdelineLee

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