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  • Dylan Tang

我的黃金年代 / My Golden Age...

”我的黃金年代“ 關於一個人由年輕到年老的系列照片;當你年輕時,你隻身前往倫敦去尋求更好的生活以及條件,你穿著不可一世態度的服裝,你想像著有一天你能夠獲得真正的成功;幾年後過去,你的事業穩定的發展,穿著也已經趨於成熟。你已經不再像一個急欲成功的法老了,反而穩健踏步的走向未來的人生道路;當你年老時,你的皮膚已經不再緊緻反而有多處的皺紋,但是因為歲月的累積、 經驗的堆積,你能夠透過眼神清楚地看透一切,因為你已經過了你的黃金年代,現在正是你給予正在經歷黃金年代的人們智慧建言的時候。

My Golden Age is a collection about a man who showcases his facial style from young to old. When you were young you came to London to pursue your dreams, you dressed as a hippie and you imaged the day was coming soon, the day when you truly succeed in your life. After countless years your business has grown stable and your appearance becomes different, you are not dressed as a man who lacks experience and your clothes have matured far beyond your expectations.

You have grown older but your skin is not smooth anymore, when you look into the mirror you see wrinkles reflecting from it, although you don’t look young anymore your eyes have become wise, that’s the why you started to offer your advise to adolescents. What is given to you by somebody else you have paid back to an adolescent.

Editor & Photographer: Dylan Tang Makeup Artist: Jo Chiang Model: Barnabas Clothes: Ilaria Lepore

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