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  • Dylan Tang

Phoebe English 的七種個性 / Phoebe English showcased 7 characters for SS17.

Phoebe English 在春夏女裝上面展現了與其他設計師不同的展現方法,低於十套的服裝以及完整呈現概念;Phoebe English 讓時裝來到了新的層次。



Photographed Mitchell Sams

Phoebe English showcased her SS17 womenswear collection in a completely different way. Her SS17 collection only has seven outfits but her vibes of presentation literally in the different level.

The collection was presented using 7 characters performing 7 actions and experiences, across 7 days.

The 7 characters include; The Archer, The Water Bearer, The Enquirer, The Smuggler, The Chanter, The Strangler and The Mourner.


Where to Buy and more information

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