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  • Dylan Tang

瑞典新銳設計師們的崛起/ Watch out Fashion, The Swedish designers are coming.

「帕森斯設計學院小心了!瑞典紡織學院的年輕設計師已經崛起!」VOGUE 在八月斯德哥爾摩時裝週對於這些新銳設計師下了極高的評價。


EXIT 16 是瑞典紡織學院的畢業展,這些就讀時尚的學生一連展示他們對於時尚與社會的關懷,從六月一號的校內展到四大時裝週之一的倫敦時裝週;不難想像這些學生的未來將銳不可擋。

The collections study the definition of garments and wearing, for example through the exploration of the relationship between space-defining elements, as walls and objects, relationships are dressed and exemplified. Another collection presents the relationship between fame, fashion and the consuming of mass media imagery in the current society. By combing the field of appropriation art, print and fashion it proposes a new solution for creating dress.

EXIT 16 is the Swedish School of Textiles; degree exhibition. Fashion design students showed their examination collection in Boras on 1 June, Stockholm Fashion Week on 29 August and London Fashion Week on 16 September.

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