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  • Dylan Tang

SIVIGLIA 2016秋冬形象廣告/ SIVIGLIA Fall/Winter 2016 AD Campaign

SIVIGLIA 成立於2006的義大利時裝品牌,2016秋冬形象廣告找來了男模 Leonardo Gaist, Callum Ball, Alastair George, Ignas 和 Boyd De Graaf 為他們進行拍攝。

此次的拍攝地點介於首都羅馬與有翡冷翠美稱的-佛羅倫斯的中間地 Val d'Orcia,除了時尚大片的拍攝之外,還有關於 『夢想的建造,不需急迫因為所有的等待都是有價值的。』

SIVIGLIA; a Italian fashion brand, founded in the 2006. SIVIGLIA is professional at Menswear, Womenswear and Children-wear.

The AW16 AD Campaign of SIVIGLIA has released recently, they featuring Leonardo Gaist, Callum Ball, Alastair George, Ignas and Boyd De Graaf.

The location of this campaign is at Val d'Orcia where between Rome and Florence. They are not just released their fashion editorial photoshoot but with the film to showcase the idea of AW16 concept. The concept is ''what dreams are made of. No need to rush, the wait will be worth the while.''

​Official Website:

Facebook: SIVIGLIA

Twitter: @SIVIGLIA

by Maurizio Bavutti, under the creative direction of Cesare Bianchetti

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