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  • Dylan Tang

人物訪問:JLIN 時尚是個性上的表現 / Interview: JLIN, Style is Your Personality

JLIN 品牌的品牌理念是什麼呢?



當然,JLIN 用極簡風帶出個性,並且帶出自信。我希望透過我的設計展現出每個人的個性;真正的個性!因為我很喜歡 「少即是多」這句話,所以 JLIN 的風格真的也非常的簡單不浮誇。

現在 JLIN 只有在製作女裝,你有想過要往其他服裝做發展嗎?

最一開始是製作女裝,不過 JLIN 的願景將會是 女裝,童裝,男裝。

JLIN 這個品牌是在倫敦成立,我們主要的市場會是在亞洲市場,因為亞洲人常常盲目追 求潮流,對自我文化的不認同,對我而言,時尚不只是盲目地追從而是瞭解自己的個性。 所以 JLIN 表現出來的事,時尚不只是價錢的表現,是個性上的表現。因為時尚是來自於自己的個性,所以 JLIN 能帶給消費者的是尊重她們自己的風格。


我覺得差異非常大,在英國有許多獨立設計師品牌,因為大家對年輕人對於自己的夢想 有一個支持,反觀臺灣,甚至亞洲,整個服裝產業相對擁擠跟競爭激烈,因此在這裡我 覺得跟英國比起來比較沒有自己的個性以及相對沒那麼支持。



那你覺得 JLIN 能夠給臺灣消費者新的風格嗎?

我覺得不回給消費者新的風格,而是讓消費者思考自己的風格是什麼。『初。生』是 JLIN 的第一個系列,偏向單純以及純粹的出發為發想,其中會以純白的 顏色為主。想讓消費者有自己的個性再穿上 JLIN 之後,但是那樣的個性是讓人感覺舒 服的而非刺激性的。往後的主題會往“一個人從出生到長大的概念”因此每一年的服裝系列就會以成長的方式 呈現。


珍妮佛勞倫斯,因為 JLIN 這個牌子希望有自己的個性但是是舒服的好相處的形象,而 珍妮佛勞倫斯就是這樣的形象。綺拉奈特莉,因為他不是典型的美女,有著俏皮的個性, 以及讓人舒服的感受,因此這樣的形象也是 JLIN 的品牌特性。陳綺貞以及張鈞寧也都 是。因為外表看起來單純但是有自己的獨特個性。

Can you describe the brand DNA of JLIN?

JLIN creates a style which includes comfort, tenderness and unique personality.

Will this DNA reflect in your design?

Absolutely! JLN’s style is very simple but somehow very confident, I hope through my designs people show their personality, a real personality, due to a sentence ‘Less is More’ I wish JLIN’s style has able to perfectly match this concept.

JLIN only has womenswear, have you ever considered expanding in other fields of clothing?

Yes I would love to, but JLIN is focusing on womenswear at the beginning because i’m a woman and I know what women want and need when it comes to womenswear, JLIN founded in London but our target market is in Asia due to most of asian are seeking a style from different countries and celebrities, they don’t understand how to dress themselves so for me this phenomenon is a disaster. ‘Style is Your Personality’ if you cannot follow your personality, no matter how expensive your clothes are, you are not considered stylish.

So you do think the fashion industry is completely different between the United Kingdom and Taiwan? Indeed for instance, you can easily find many independent designer brands in London anywhere, but you rarely can find one independent designer store in Taipei. I think it’s because the British are always supportive of people if they have a dream where as the Taiwanese are not as supportive, they just focus on making money more than making dreams come true.

Would you say that the fashion industry is relatively immature in Taiwan?

I wouldn’t say immature, I think Taiwanese people just prefer functional clothes rather than style, besides they are always obsessed with big fashion brands.

Let’s talk about your collection, can you describe your first collection?

JLIN’s first collection is about ‘First, Born’ which is a metaphor for pure and innocent, every piece from this collection is using white fabric. We are keen to make our costumers understand that when you put on our clothes you will feel comfortable, rather than feeling too fancy or over controlled by the clothing.After this collection we will set up another concept which is a human’s growing up process, we did ‘First Born’ this year so the following year we will have a different idea about after birth.

Are you willing to collaborate with celebrities?

Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley! They are extremely beautiful but they are not typical beauties in our society. They have their own personalities and they follow it! that’s what i’m very respectful of and these celebrities are perfectly matched to JLIN’s DNA.

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