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  • Dylan Tang

人物訪問:羅婕;不侷限在框架裡的藝術/ Interview; Kewpie, The Unlimited Art

Kewpie 的品牌理念是 ?

當初只是因為自己的興趣,幫自己做彩繪指甲,但是後來因為突如其來的受到大家喜愛而開始真正成立這個牌子,因此 Kewpie 的理念其實是,把不相關的兩件事成為一件互相連結的事情。


是的,例如我是美術背景出身的人,光療指甲則是技術取向的職業,所以我將美術以及沒太大關聯的美甲做出連結。而這樣做下來 Kewpie 也已經成立兩年了。

來聊聊美術吧,你覺得臺灣人對藝術的接受度高嗎 ?

我覺得有越來越高的趨勢,因為近幾年文創的崛起,所以大家對於藝術的接受度有提升, 而且會主動參與藝術。


我覺得藝術教育不一定是學校教與的教育,而是從各種層面的吸收。我覺得會受到藝術 教育的人只有美術班的學生。不過,我覺得藝術的教育在臺灣是很合適的;以我來說, 會美術可以做很多事情,類似我的指甲彩繪、雜誌的美編、相關藝術的設計,都是以前 的藝術教育所得來的技能。

你覺得臺灣的藝術產業有在某種程度上被侷限住嗎 ?

我覺得藝術產業並沒有被侷限住,以美甲品牌為例,現在市場上的美甲師已經不再是技 職體系出來的人才能做的專業,而是只要有興趣的人、願意嘗試學習的人都可以做,所 以我才會稱 Kewpie 為興趣與技術的結合而非單純的藝術 = 技術。

想透過 Kewpie 讓藝術在社會上跳出一個框框。

希望 Kewpie 有辦法發揮什麼樣的影響力嗎?

我覺得 Kewpie 可以讓人瞭解到,如果你想做一件事情,不用怕辛苦,只要堅持自己的 理想就可以完成想做的事情。

instagram : @kewpienail

What is the idea behind Kewpie?

In the beginning I only wanted to make my own nails look beautiful then suddenly I was thinking, ‘Why can’t I make it by myself?’ I can paint anything I want on my nails and my friends and family, they all love it. Then Kewpie was established hence I will say, the idea of Kewpie is I build a connection of two things which are not in the same field.

When you say a connection of two different things, what do you mean?

I am an art person and I have studied fine art for nearly 12 years however, nail phototherapy is a job which can’t be really link with art, especially fine art.I wanted to build a bridge between these two completely different ideas, so Kewpie has a great reputation and has been founded for two years now.

Let’s talk about Art, do you think Taiwan is a country filled with Art?

If you asked me few years ago I definitely wouldn’t have said that Taiwan is a country filled with art however, people become more and more knowledgable of art recently so I think it’s because people are embracing the creative industry better than before.

Do you think people can succeed in art education in Taiwan?

I don’t think of Education of Art at school, in my opinion if you want to gain the knowledge of art you don’t have to go to school to get it. You can learn from our society and culture, however in this case I do recognise the art education in Taiwan because I know art so I have many choices in my career. I can do nail phototherapy, be an editor in a magazine, any work that is relevant in design.

But don’t you think that the art industry is limited in Taiwan?

They are not that limited in general for example, nail photo-therapy is work which definitely belongs to art industry, as long as you would like to try it and you wish to learn how to do it, that’s why Kewpie is a brand that can never be limited by your knowledge.

So, Kewpie is a brand which can evoke to our society?

Yes, as I mentioned before, Kewpie can make people realise that if you want to something then don’t hesitate to do so.

TAIKER 臺客雜誌 issue 01 ''Modern Life is Rubbish''

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