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  • Tracy Wang

EURO 2016 – FIFA 2014 – Taiwan 歐洲盃 2016 – 世界盃 2014 – 臺灣


這讓我想起2014年在巴西舉辦的世界盃足球賽,因為臺灣也可是間接地參與了整個球賽,法國的「費加洛」日報(Le Figaro)更提到說:「臺灣已經贏了世足賽」,是臺灣的「環保球衣」替我們贏了世界盃足球賽。

臺灣研發的環保球衣早在2010的南非世足賽跟著Nike一起登場,而2014年的世界盃有30%的球隊都穿著「MIT」的球衣,而這些球衣是回收寶特瓶重聚成聚酯纖維布料PET(聚酯粒Polyethylene terephthalate),比一般布料輕、排汗功能更比棉快上五倍,大約8個回收寶特瓶可製造出一件環保球衣,且在製造過程中也減少30%的耗費能源。


(圖片來源:Nike, Brazil 2014 Away Kit)

( Photo Source : Nike Brazil 2014 Away Kit)

The 2016 UEFA European Championship (simply referred to as Euro 2016) is the 15th edition of quadrennial international men’s football championship in Europe.

This is the third time France was chosen as the host. There are 24 teams have been playing in the contest since 10 June in 10 stadiums in 10 cities.

It reminds us the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, because Taiwan participated indirectly in the matches. A French daily newspaper Le Figaro said : 「Taiwan has already won the World Cup.」 It actually is our recycled jerseys won the match.

Nike already partnered with Taiwan textile industry for making this recycled jerseys four years ago in 2010 FIFA World Cup In Africa. In 2014 World Cup, there were 30% of teams wearing 「Made In Taiwan, MIT」jerseys. Their uniforms were made from recycled plastic bottles (PET, Polyethylene terephthalate). The material is lighter, more comfortable and 5 times sweat-absorbent than cotton. Each shirt comprised up to 8 recycled plastic bottles. This new green technology innovation reduces 30% energy consumption compared to traditional materials.

Not sure whether Taiwan “plays” Euro 2016 as usual.

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