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  • Dylan Tang

Christopher Shannon 派對後的現實衝突感/ Christopher Shannon LCM SS17 ‘Provincial Heartbreak’

Christopher Shannon 的 全新男裝系列 「Provincial Heartbreak」在倫敦男裝週的第三天登場;整場服裝秀表達的情懷似於『派對結束後的隔天,即將被拉回星期一早晨面對現實的心情』

Shannon 的二零一七年春夏男裝核心布料建立在丹寧布以及耐磨的織物上。

服裝以多層次的T-Shirt、牛仔褲和牛仔外套為主軸,讓人不禁回想到在二十年前的服裝流行盛況;其中設計的布料主要使用 棉和丹寧布,再更深入的瞭解就會發現Shannon 使用的丹寧布料經過了四次水洗,這樣的加工讓他的丹寧布料更能呈現他整場秀所想表達的情懷。(即派對結束被拉回現實的現實感)

而 Christopher Shannon 也和其他不同品牌合作,例如 Hi-Tec 表現在模特兒身上的鞋子、Guy Lab 佇立於模特兒的內褲,徽章、皮帶...等飾品則是與 Judy Blame 的合作。

Christopher Shannon 的 官方網站 :

Provincial Heartbreak: Christopher Shannon Menswear Spring/Summer 2017; showcased as a party’s over, reality check, back-to-work Monday morning.

Shannon’s heart of collection uses Denim and Hard-wearing textiles.

He presents built-way T-shirt, jeans and jeans jackets. This collection reminds the 1980s vibes and fashion trend. He used cotton and denim to the core textiles. Furthermore, his denim through four washes, this technical care build the bridge between his vibes of show and collection.

Moreover, Christopher Shannon cooperates with different brands as well; such as, footwear with Hi-Tec, underwear with Guy Lab and badges, belts…ect with Judy Blame.

Check his website and get what you want to wear.

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